Sunday, February 21, 2010

Owning The Client

Thanks to Jhaddix of I just now found out about this slick tool called SET(Social Engineering ToolKit). According to the creators, the social-engineer toolkit is a robust python open-source tool to aid security professionals in testing social-engineering attacks. The latest version 0.4, is the biggest release yet incorporating a universal java applet attack as well as many other great features.

Jhaddix does a pretty job of summarizing what the tool does. So I won't recreate the wheel. Suffice to say that after watching the Shmoocon presentation and a couple other videos, the tool is simply awesome. I will definitely be taking a keen interest in its development and progress.

For more information check the creator's(David Kennedy aka ReL1K aka Sac Man) website over at Keep up the GREAT work guys.

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